To all South Toms River Residents,

Revaluation inspectors will be starting this week to initiate the revaluation of South Toms River. While going door-to-door, they will all have proper credentials to identify themselves.

The Revaluation will start in the western part of the Borough and proceed to the eastern portion. If the homeowner is not home on the first attempt, they will leave a door hanger so that the homeowner can call for an appointment.There will be two attempts to contact a homeowner in person. The door-hanger will also include a way to make an appointment online at If no contact is made, an estimate will be made of the interior features.

Valuation letters will be mailed out in November, and a hearing will be held if a taxpayer wishes to dispute the value. If changes to the new value are made, a new notice will be sent to the homeowner. If no changes are made, then they will get a postcard in February with instructions on how to file an appeal. If they file an appeal and have not let the inspector inside the home during the door-to-door inspection visits, then an inspection will be made or their appeal will be dismissed.

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