Rentals, Resales, & Applications


All other permits are issued through the South Toms River Zoning office at the above stated hours.

If you are purchasing, selling or renting a home in South Toms River, please fill out the Online Certificate of Continued Occupancy form.

If you own a vacant home, please fill out the Vacant Property Registration

  • Instructions on how to Login
  • Munilogic Login Click Here
  • the issuance and inspection of all construction permits, both residential and commercial;
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • the review and issuance of tree removal permits;
  • Housing Resale Form
  • Housing Rental License application
  • Truth-In-Renting Form
  • Canvassing – Door to Door (see here)(including Do Not Knock Registration)
  • Vacant Property Registration

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