Land Use Board

Class (I) Mayor Designee William Gleason 12/31/2018
Class (II) Kayla Rolzhausen Borough Employee 12/31/2017
Class (III) Thomas Rolzhausen – Councilman Council member 12/31/2017
Class (IV) Jason Glogolich Resident 12/31/2019
Class (IV) Mr. Ernest Hemmann Resident 12/31/2020
Class (IV) Dave Whalen Resident 12/31/2020
Class (IV) Klara Rosch Resident 12/31/2018
Class (IV) Michael Serdinsky Resident 12/31/2018
Class (IV) Laura Grams Resident 12/31/2019
Alternate I Toni Ann Petro Resident 12/31/2017
Alternate II   Resident  
Board Secretary Kayla Rolzhauzen Resident  


(732) 349-0403 Ext 121

To contact the Land Use Board Secretary, please email her at:

Land Use Board Application

South Toms River Master Plan 2013


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