Dog & Cat Licenses

In accordance with Chapters 5 of the Code of The Borough of South Toms River– if you own, keep or harbor any dogs or cats which are seven (7) months or older, within Township limits, you  MUST  obtain a cat / dog license from the Municipal Clerk.

Licenses MUST be renewed by January 31 of EACH year, and Rabies must not expire to November 1 of each year of renewal – per State law.

Directions for Pet License

1. Go to Borough Hall (19 Double Trouble Road) to complete a Pet Registration Form for each dog/cat you own

2. Include your payment with proof of rabies vaccination and Spayed / Neutered Certificate.  Note –  (these will be returned to you with your new license)

3.  If you are mailing this application to the Clerks Office , please include a STAMPED, SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE.

Make checks payable to the Borough of South Toms River:

 $13.20 if spayed/neutered Dog

$16.20 if not spayed/neutered Dog

$10 for Cat license

$7 late fee applies to all licenses applied after January 31st

Please send separate check for dogs and separate check for cats. Thank you


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